Monday, June 6, 2011

Melt my life, that it would drip the gospel.

Transition isn't fun. The last 4 weeks of my life have been just that. A lot of change. New city, new job, new people. Not easy...but exciting and necessary.

Amidst all of this transition, I have recently been reminded that I must continually ask myself this one question, about whatever it is that I am doing: "is this what you are called to do?"

Now, first let me make a note about the word "called." I know this word gets thrown around a lot and I don't even always like it, nor am I even sure what is always meant by it. I don't think that I have one specific place that I'm supposed to be or one specific thing that I'm supposed to be doing. I do think, however, that God gives each of us specific passions and specific gifts. There are probably a wide range of things that we can do with these to bring Him glory. So, by the word "called," I mean the ways in which we use our specific, unique gifts and passions in a way that brings God glory and ourselves joy, as we seek to bring our lives in line with the gospel, daily. Still vague, I know. Sorry. :(

So, in this time of transition, it's been easy to say "yes" to everything and try to get involved everywhere and to help everyone. But the reality is, there is need everywhere. I could go to a lot of different places and do a lot of different things. But, "is this (whatever it might be) what I am called to do?"

The answer to this question is life-altering. There are two things that I need to continue to keep clear, as I seek to answer the above question. What/who has my heart been burdened for? The world is a lonely, desperate place. My heart is broken the most when I look into the eyes of high school and college aged young women. Why? Probably because it is a time of soul-searching and really struggling to figure out who they are (identity) and why they are here (purpose). You see it happen over and over again. The innocence of youth is exchanged for the craving for love and approval, in hundreds of different ways. The other question is, what am I passionate about? Jesus: The one who saved me and the only one who can save. People: As I look into the eyes of the world, I see hopelessness. All I want to do is love people and show them the only true Hope. Coaching/teaching/mentoring: Being out on a soccer field teaching kids how to play the game that I love; Sitting across a table from someone, having real, open honest conversation, and speaking the Truth of the gospel into their lives.

I have been called to coach soccer. Not just coach soccer, but coach it in a way that is different. In a way that that brings the Light of life to a lot of lonely lives that may never set foot inside a church building. Through soccer and coaching, my life will intersect thousands of other lives. If I'm not living and speaking the gospel to them, then my work is in vain. (1 Corinthians 15:58).

This is how I know that I have been called to do these things:
"If I don't do this (i.e. coach soccer, love people, and share the gospel), something in me might die." THAT is passion and purpose. THAT is calling.

What are you passionate about? Who/what are you burdened for? How are you going to use your gifts? What makes you come alive?

Places change. Hearts are fickle. Truth is unwavering.